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The Value of Trial Graphics Recognized

Timeline showing litigation events As former trial attorneys here at Cogent Legal, we know the value of good trial graphics. Our clients appreciate and understand the need for high-quality in-court presentation too.

Recently, a judge in Nevada joined the chorus appreciating the worth of trial graphics. As reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal on September 25, 2013, Clark County District Judge Rob Bare awarded costs of over $1 million to a successful plaintiff, including costs for slides that explained the case, video depositions synchronized with the transcripts, and a trial technician who displayed evidence in a six week trial.

As Judge Bare observed, “I think members of a jury, most likely, are going to respect a more high-tech approach. … I think they will connect with it. … (It) is more than necessary in today’s modern climate. I think the judiciary should encourage this type of professional, high-caliber type of presentation.” (more…)

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