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The process of collecting and preserving evidence has changed. Have you?

Modern litigation makes use of a vast array of tools that simply did not exist a few years ago. Laser scans and drones have replaced the measuring tape of yesterday. Understanding the power and limitations of this changing technology is a key aspect of modern litigation. We are experts on the best equipment and software to capture any type of data for any type of case. Call Cogent Legal today and make sure your case is handled the right way—from the very start.

Maximize your Evidence. Analysis. Exhibits.

Maximize your Evidence. Analysis. Exhibits.

With the use of modern tools and software, our team of analysts and 3D graphics specialists are able to achieve incredibly accurate reproduction of all types of evidence for your case. We utilize cutting-edge hardware, such as laser scanners, aerial drones, and high-resolution photo and video cameras, to produce cohesive and captivating 3D electronic models, preserving all available evidence.
By taking advantage of our highly trained and certified team of specialists, attorneys now have the power to accurately capture details of a scene, a vehicle, a house, or any physical object for later use in litigation. With this revolutionary technology, Cogent Legal creates accurately scaled diagrams, such as floor plans, scene reconstructions, maps, and so on, directly from measurements collected by our team. We are also able to build 3D models that allow your team to view case details from any angle, helping you and your experts to get on the same page and develop the most effective arguments.

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Modern Evidence Gathering

Modern Evidence Gathering

Laser Scanning

A laser scanning device uses an extremely fast, rotating laser to measure distance and elevation data in all directions. This incredible device records billions of distances and measurements during a scan. Cogent Legal laser scans also include a photographic element to capture high-resolution photographs during the scanning process. The high-resolution images are then used as textures for the scan itself, for greater realism and environmental accuracy. The ultimate benefit of a laser scan is that it captures everything within sight—so even if you do not yet know what is going to be relevant in a case, you will have a complete record years later in litigation.

Drone Photogrammetry

Few attorneys know that aerial drone footage can be useful for litigation purposes. The data obtained from this unique perspective can be instrumental in creating a fully realized 3D model of a scene. Our certified drone pilots analyze and calculate predetermined flight paths in order to capture data from the entirety of the scene. The video and photos from a drone can then be used to create a scene itself or to “texture” a 3D model. Our team uses the latest in cutting-edge software to “stitch” those images together into an ultra-realistic 3D model. By combining drone use with laser scans for a high degree of accuracy, your trial team will have a powerful visual tool with an unimpeachable foundation for trial.

Photography & Videography

Along with laser scanning and aerial drone work, the basic process of photograph and video production cannot be overlooked. At Cogent Legal, our team is skilled in all aspects of visual reproduction. With these fundamental skill sets, we are able to provide both evidence-capturing services and high-quality day-in-the-life videos, using the best equipment to achieve 4K video, lighting, and professional sound that many other legal graphics agencies cannot match. We then apply a great deal of effort and expertise in the video editing process, to achieve maximum impact for mediation or trial.

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"It is wrong always, everywhere, and for everyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence."

William James • "Essays in Popular Philosophy"

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Cogent Legal is great to work with. They are responsive, work within deadlines, and understand complex medical and scientific information. Cogent has a unique ability to distill high-level technical evidence into demonstratives that really help jurors understand the issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Evidence collection and preservation

Why do I need Cogent Legal for evidence collection?

Technology is changing so rapidly that few can keep up. Gone are the days of tape measures—now, the standard is to use laser scanning to preserve evidence of scenes and equipment. By hiring Cogent Legal, you leverage the most up-to-date technology to capture the scene and equipment involved in your case, for use later in diagrams, animations, and so on.

My case has been progressing for some time. Is it too late to call Cogent Legal to help with evidence?

It is never too late to obtain help with evidence. If the case has been ongoing for some time, the focus is more on using the technology to create demonstratives that have a strong foundation to be shown to a jury. Using a laser scan and drone video as a basis provides that foundation.

How early should I call your evidence team?

For serious cases, we are often called the moment a case arises to capture the scene while the evidence is still fresh. Once a laser scan and drone video of the scene are complete, they can later be used for an almost unlimited amount of demonstratives.

How can I be sure that your evidence will be admissible?

If your exhibits and animations are based on a laser scan that are accurate within a couple of millimeters, there is a much stronger chance that they will be shown to the jury. Any judge will be able to see that your demonstratives are scaled accurately to match the precise scene and/or equipment—the foundation issue any judge is most concerned about.

Why do I need all these high-tech devices to record evidence?

Using modern technology, like laser scanners and drone videography, enables you to capture the entire scene and all evidence even if you still are not sure what might be critical to your case. With older technology, you had to know specifically what to measure and risk losing evidence that you did not know you needed. A laser scan and drone video also can be used by your experts later in the case in the same way that photographs of the scene can be used.

I’m concerned about saving and storing this evidence for a long time. How can I be sure it is safe and secure?

At Cogent Legal we keep local copies of all evidence in ongoing cases, as well as copies stored in the cloud. We are confident there is no risk of losing evidence at any time.

How can I be sure that Cogent Legal will capture the most important details?

The value of using modern technology, like laser scanning and drone videography, is that you capture the entire scene and all evidence before you even know what might be critical later in your case. With older technology, you had to know specifically what to measure. Also, a laser scan and drone video can be used by any of your experts later in the case in the same way that photographs at the scene can be used.

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