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A “Recovering Lawyer” on Creating Good Presentations and Being a Good Attorney

outsidetheboxIn my continuing effort to point out effective presentations that attorneys can learn lessons from for case presentations, I came across one that teaches on two different fronts. I saw a Slideshare presentation by Matt Homann, the founder of LexThink, which is a firm dedicated to helping attorneys collaborate and work better. Matt is a self-described “recovering attorney” who gives presentations for a living, and it shows.

His presentation, embedded below, covers “Ten Ways to Build a Better Firm.” Thanks to the images and selective use of text,  it’s both inspirational and practical, conveying so much more than words alone could.

In the first place, I love the humor that comes across. However, the main take-away is the simple concept of lots of pictures and only a few words per slide. While graphics for trial obviously have to be a bit less humorous and more staid, the example of using full-frame photos with a partially transparent bar on the bottom for the titles is a good lesson to learn. If you cannot fit your thought on the slide in that small of a space, then you either need another slide, or need to figure out how to edit your concept down. The fact that this presentation has 77 slides means that he would be moving through slides at more than one per minute, which helps keep an audience’s attention.

Think real BIG: Building an Innovative Law Firm. from Matthew Homann

Secondly, I like the message for attorneys on how to make their practices more innovative by networking, finding mentors and recognizing the inherent stresses of the legal life. I recommend checking it out.

Do you have a Slideshare presentation you’d recommend for attorneys? Please let me know through email or in a comment below because I’d like to spotlight more of them.

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