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What Trial Lawyers Can Learn From a Songwriter to Strengthen Their Case

At the American Society of Trial Consultants annual conference in New Orleans last week, I had the opportunity to be on a panel discussion about social media and blogging for the legal profession. One of my main pieces of advice was to avoid making blogging predominantly about “me-formation”—that is, self-promoting news about yourself—instead of  information. Taking my own advice, I’ll blog about my experience at the conference later and first share information about one of the best presentations for trial attorneys I have seen in years.

How many MCLE’s have you attended where within a few minutes you’re biting your lip to not cry? No, this wasn’t about a tragic case where a family lost everything. Rather, it was an attorney presenting a moving song about a girl riding her bike and telling her dad she was ready for him to let go: It’s time for her to do it on her own. With that little piece of a story, sung by E. Thomas McCarthy, Jr., a songwriter/attorney from Michigan, the hook was set. (Click here to hear the MP3.) His presentation, “What Trial Lawyers and Consultants Can Learn From Songwriters,” showed how to bring the art of songwriting and storytelling to the courtroom, and it was really entertaining and useful.


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