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Why Trial Attorneys Need to Know Computer “Animations” vs. “Simulations” for Evidence

Picture yourself in court getting ready to present a first-rate animation created by a professional litigation graphics company. The opposing counsel jumps up to say, “Your honor, we object to this animation since there is no foundation that it’s identical to what happened, it will confuse the jury, and it does not meet the scientific evidence requirements for admissibility.” How should you respond?

The answer is fairly clear as long as you know the difference between a computer “animation” and a computer “simulation.” A simulation is much more difficult to get into evidence than an animation. This post will describe the difference between the two and why it matters to your case. Additionally, I created a downloadable brief on the subject to provide more legal support regarding these issues. [NOTE: This brief is not legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is created. Cogent Legal provides this brief only as a sample, and suggests you consult a practicing attorney with respect to any legal issues you may have.] (more…)

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