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Favorite Law Blogs and Most Useful Posts for Lawyers from 2012

One of my new year’s resolutions is to become a more thoughtful, consistent and “cogent” blogger. Not only do I want to write better posts for my audience’s sake, but I also hope to help my own practice as an attorney and litigation presentation specialist by taking time to blog. The whole process of blogging—which involves reading others’ blogs, staying informed and making time to reflect on issues—is not just essential for developing a blog, it’s also good for building and improving a law practice.

If you’re reading this, first I want to thank you for visiting my humble blog and hope you’ll subscribe if you haven’t already. Secondly, I’d like to use this post to share with you some personal recommendations of blogs that made the ABA Journal’s  2012 list of top 100 law blogs, or “blawgs.” I’m also including some blogs recommended by my colleague, patent attorney Michael Kelleher, who recently joined Cogent Legal as a litigation consultant. Finally, I’ll link back to a few of the posts I consider the best and most useful from this blog in 2012.

In return, I hope you’ll answer in the comments below: Which are your favorite blogs on the Top 100 Blog list? And/or, which law blogs do you recommend that did not make the Top 100? (more…)

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