iPhones and iPads, the Undisputed New Champions at Law Firms

I remember distinctly the day I got my first-generation iPhone in 2007. I was the first in my law office to get one, and when I figured out how the phone’s email system worked with our internal system, then I realized I could have my assistant send documents to me so I could review them on the phone and forward them to others. The iPhone quickly became an indispensable part of my legal practice.

I thought of how my relationship to this device has evolved and strengthened over the five-year period while reading a recent post on iPhoneJD.com, “AmLaw 2012 Survey Shows Strong iPhone, iPad Support at the Most Profitable Law Firms.” It reported on the AmLaw study finding that in 2008 only 5% of the most profitable firms in the US supported the iPhone, which increased to 99% in 2012.  This is a remarkable sea change in the legal field where Blackberrys (aka Crackberrys) had almost 100% of the market prior to 2007 in larger firms. (more…)

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