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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

On this day before Thanksgiving, I just couldn’t come up with a lot to say about informational graphics or litigation. I thought it best simply to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to express my gratitude for Cogent Legal’s employees, clients, friends and family.

At home, my family is preparing for our tradition of a non-traditional Thanksgiving, a tradition we started in 2009 while traveling in Santiago, Chile. That year, we had a dinner of shellfish at a special restaurant during our year of round-the-world travel. In each of the following years, we cooked something unusual for Thanksgiving and/or traveled somewhere special (to the Sierra one year, to Mexico the next). This year, we’re hosting dinner with extended family members who are vegan, so we’re having an all-vegan Thanksgiving dinner—something I never thought I’d like, but I’m willing to try. My point is that it’s fun to add new twists to old traditions.

Here is hoping you all can take time to put up your feet, relax for a bit, and perhaps use the free time to try something new. I hope you enjoy this drawing by one of our designers, Georgia Clark.

Happy Holidays!

turkey ipad

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