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The ABA’s Top 100 Blawgs and Some of My Top Posts

The ABA Journal publishes a “Blawg Directory” of more than 3500 law blogs (get it? blog + law = blawg), and each year the ABA accepts nominations to choose the 100 best. If you’ve appreciated the blog posts here, then I hope you will take a minute to vote for Cogent Legal Blog through this link. (Note, the link only works on desktops or laptops, not mobile devices, which I find rather strange. Apologies if you try to click through on your iPhone and iPad and get a “cannot connect” message. I hope you’ll try it on a computer.)

This contest is sort of the Oscars for legal blogging and can really help gain blog readers and elevate a firm’s profile. You can nominate more than one blog, so I encourage you to nominate any and all blogs you believe other attorneys should check out.  (more…)

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