Handout: The Equipment and Apps You Need to Present Your Case in Court

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This weekend, I’m heading to Monterey to give a presentation on “New Technologies for Federal Litigation” for the Northern District of California 2012 Judicial Conference. Since I’m going to discuss the use of courtroom technology while using my iPad wirelessly through an Apple TV, I prepared a handout that lists all the equipment you would need to use your iPad wirelessly or hardwired in court, including the price of the equipment and a schematic of the setups. It also lists a summary of useful apps for attorneys. If you’d like a free sneak peek of this handout on courtroom tech and apps, download the PDF here.

Page 1 of two-page handout for download; click link or image

Federal Courts certainly can be slow to embrace change. However, the tech-ready courtrooms in the Northern District of California are a good exception to that rule. I had the pleasure the other day to visit one of the retrofitted rooms, since I wanted to make sure that all the monitors and flatscreen TVs would work with an iPad. I’m happy to report that all I had to do was plug the iPad to VGA adapter into the VGA plug at counsel’s table, turn on the “mirroring function” on the iPad, and the image came up on all the screens.

Easy as can be.

I hope you find the downloadable handout useful, and don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below with any questions about litigation graphics and technology.

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  • Clayton Hasbrook

    In lieu of using a wifi hotspot, I’ve been using an iMirror wireless transmitter. It’s worked well for several trials: http://www.oklahomalawyer.com/AttorneyResourceBlog/trialpad-yeah-its-super-easy/

    • Morgan Smith

      Great tip. I checked out the page http://www.imirrorplay.net/ and was wondering when someone would design a product to cut-out the Apple TV. I do note that it says it works with iPad 1 & 2 and does not mention the new iPad, so I guess that might be an issue. Certainly looks like it’s worthy tying out though. Thanks for the comment.

      • Clayton Hasbrook

        We’ve used it on both an iPad 2 and 3 with no issues. I just noticed the Amazon link is sold out though (where I purchased it from).

        The picture quality isn’t as nice as with the HDMI cable, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to use.

        • Morgan Smith

          Great to know it works with the iPad 3 and I’ll definitely check it out.

  • B.D.

    Doesn’t the iPad connect directly to Apple TV, making the AirPort Express unnecessary?

    • Morgan Smith

      The iPad and Apple TV both need a WIFI connection to work. If you have one at home or your office already, they both can connect to the existing WIFI and “talk” to each other. The reason for the Airport Express (or anything that creates a WIFI hotspot), is to have a portable connection so you do not have to rely on whether there is a usable connection where you are presenting. Thanks for the question.

  • marc

    I’ve thought about using an iPad in court but for some reason haven’t made the jump yet.

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