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Hello! I know your time is short and valuable, so I’ll get right to the point.

A PI lawyer, a defense attorney and a judge walk into a bar one day and …

Jokes aside, I’m launching this blog as an offshoot of Cogent Legal’s website for five main reasons:

(1) to share practical news, tips and tools that help trial attorneys move their cases forward to successful resolution;

(2) to show attorneys how to use graphics and develop visual presentations to make their cases more compelling and easy to understand;

(3) to share news about emerging trends and issues in litigation—and to give me a soapbox to share my opinions on those trends and issues;

(4) to link to others in the legal graphics and litigation field so that we can swap ideas and shout-outs;

(5) and finally, last but not least, to promote a less stressed, more manageable workplace for attorneys. Let’s face it: We work in an adversarial field with deadline pressures and dog-eat-dog relationships that can feel unbearable. I launched my new firm, Cogent Legal, in part to make the life of a trial attorney easier by providing services that can help them save time, achieve optimal results, and avoid lengthy trials and appeals.

In upcoming posts I’ll share some practical advice, but for now, I’ll end with a story that has almost nothing to do with my field of litigation graphics and strategic consultation. It’s about the Ancient Mayans. No joke. (more…)

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