Trial involves so many choices.
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Cogent Legal sets the standard for the modern mock trial. Our process includes: Mock trials that are held in the venue of your case, with truly representative mock juries. Our mock-trial team is led by experienced attorneys who travel nationwide and pride themselves on their ability to compose mock juries that truly represent the local demographics. If you are in the Sacramento area, we have a state-of-the-art-facility ready for use, but we can replicate that experience anywhere.

Data management and privacy

Modern technology provides real-time feedback and valuable information as the mock trial is progressing and afterwards. We provide analysis based on data, not speculation. Our mock trials create thousands of data points that we analyze thoroughly. Using that data, we prepare a summary that analyzes which juror traits are favorable or unfavorable, and analyze possible verdicts and/or damage results. This isolates and identifies your best themes and theories. We also use that data to suggest possible improvements in witness performance, recommend visual aids that will better convey your case, and provide other case-specific thoughts.


Your witnesses are key to your case. Cogent Legal’s experienced team can help you prepare them for trial. Whether your witness was at one of our mock trials and needs identified improvement, or you have realized before trial that your witness needs assistance, we are here to help. We use multiple proven techniques to calm witnesses, and optimize their trial testimony.


Your jurors will decide the outcome of your case, and Cogent Legal is ready to help you avoid the problem juror that can undermine all of your work.  We use data from our mock trials by drafting jury questionnaires aimed at identifying important traits. We also research your potential jurors – and especially their social-media accounts – to help you identify jurors that you need to challenge during selection.


There is no better way than a Cogent Legal mock trial for testing your visual evidence. Our techniques allow us to track juror reactions to your visuals in real time. Cogent Legal can use that data to help you adjust your visuals to make sure the jury understands your case.

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