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Graphics That Helped Plaintiffs Win the PG&E San Bruno Fire Case

Cogent Legal created plaintiffs' visual presentation of the PG&E San Bruno fire cases for the key motion for summary judgment brought by defendant PG&E.

PG&E San Bruno explosionOne of Cogent Legal’s clients, Frank Pitre of the powerhouse plaintiff litigation firm Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, recently won the CAOC Consumer Attorney of the Year award for his tenacity in fighting PG&E on behalf of many San Bruno families who were tragically injured or killed in the 2010 gas line explosion. Frank won this award for settling the cases with PG&E with strict requirements that go above the law, requiring PG&E to do extensive testing to assure the safety of their lines in other locations.

These cases were exceedingly complex, and Frank brought in Cogent Legal to help with the visual presentation of these cases for the key motion for summary judgment brought by defendant PG&E seeking to exclude any claim for punitive damages and for the potential trial.

One thing I really respect about Frank Pitre and his firm is their realization that visual aids would be key to making their case, and their desire to bring visuals into major motions and mediations.  There is simply no excuse in today’s litigation not to plan and prepare to present your cases visually at all key stages. In this post, I’ll spotlight some of the graphics we made and explain the strategic thinking behind them.


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