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Three Tips for Attorneys to Present Economic Data (and Not Be Boring)

At a recent seminar I attended, Judge M. Lynn Duryee of the Marin County Superior Court had a great story of an attorney who stood up in opening statement and said, “I’m going to call an economist who will testify about the damages caused by the negligence of Defendant, but I warn you it’s going to be really boring.” Many attorneys would not be so bold as to warn the jury that the economic loss part of the case is going to be boring, but I’ll bet many do think that every time.

Ask yourself if any juror is likely to remember something that is boring, and the answer clearly is no. The question attorneys should ask themselves is, “Does my presentation on economics have to put everyone to sleep?” The answer again is no. This post will provide a few key tips on how to transform economic data into engaging, easy-to-understand visual presentations. (more…)

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