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Building the Visual Foundation of Your Construction Defect Case

iStock_000003237401XSmallA few weeks ago, I published a post based on my presentation at the Melvin Belli Seminar on Tort Practice, which focused on a three-step process for attorneys to develop graphics from the very start of their case to “build the visual foundation” for it. This post is a follow-up that looks at the specific area of law involving construction defect work. I’ll show you how to build the visual foundation of a construction defect case by preserving visual information in a convenient format that can be easily updated as the case progresses. 

For those attorneys who practice in the construction defect area of law, how often are you faced with this dilemma:  You are trying to prepare your case for mediation, and you have a hard drive full of photographs of the site from all different sources; it’s unclear what the photos show, where the scene is located, or even when the photograph was taken. You may have reams of images that look something like the example below, without any context for understanding.   (more…)

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