Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Online Mock Trials & Focus Groups

Online Mock Trials & Focus Groups

We're going digital!

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. During this global pandemic, social distancing is the most effective way to protect the health and safety of our community. So, until we are able to resume providing in-person services, Cogent is offering online mock trials and focus groups.

How does an online mock trial work?

>> Live/Pre-Recorded Presentations

Using a web-based video conferencing platform, your case will be presented to jurors via live or pre-recorded video streams. Your presentations can still include visual aids such as PowerPoint or Prezi slides, and the display of exhibits/evidence.

>> Live Polling

Watch real-time reactions to your presentations and witnesses, as jurors are queried via our online polling platform. Find out what jurors think about your arguments, how credible they find your witnesses, and how they feel about your case as a whole — all from the comfort of your office.

>> Jury Deliberations

In our virtual breakout rooms, jurors will deliberate on your case just as if they were together in a single space. Stakeholders can move in and out of each virtual room, watching the live deliberations as they occur. Video and audio of each breakout room will also be recorded for later viewing.

>> Representative Demographics

With so many in our nation turning to online services to stay connected, recruiting jurors who align with your venue’s demographics and are prepared to participate online will be easier than ever. Our careful screening and monitoring processes ensure jurors remain engaged during the event.

>> Cost

Online mock trials will contain many of our standout features at a cost of approximately 25-45% less than our in-person mock trials. Please call or email for a quote.

Let's get started!

As soon as conditions permit, Cogent will be back to conducting in-person mock trials and focus groups throughout the nation. Call Andrew Walker at 916-947-1290 or email to set up an online mock trial, focus group, or to reserve a date to hold an in-person event later this year.

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