We’ve tried cases to juries.

  • Tyler Weaver
    Tyler Weaver Attorney / Executive Director, Seattle


    Before joining Cogent Legal as the Executive Director of the Seattle Office, Tyler was a litigator and partner at Hagens Berman in Seattle. Tyler brings more than 16 years of litigation experience to our team, and is uniquely qualified to assist you in crafting a persuasive narrative punctuated by cogent visuals.
  • Morgan Smith Attorney / President


    Morgan has over 17 years of experience as an attorney litigating high-value cases. He combined his litigation background with strong creative and visual communication skills to found Cogent Legal. Morgan’s guiding principle for any demonstrative is:
    Strong Advocacy + Great Visuals = Winning Results.

  • Michael Kelleher Attorney / Litigation Consultant


    Michael is a registered patent attorney who helps Cogent Legal’s clients on cases involving patents, technology and high-stakes business disputes. Michael was formerly a litigation partner at Folger Levin & Kahn.

We know the challenges!

(and love the thrill of making you look good)
  • David Filippini
    David Filippini General Manager / Creative Director


    David has over 10 years of professional expertise within architecture, environmental graphics, and industrial design and he is uniquely equipped to analyze/visualize the built environment. He puts himself in the shoes of clients, juries, and judges to understand their needs and perspectives, then reinterprets the case to create easy-to-grasp and compelling graphics.

  • Audrey Murray Marketing Director / Litigation Consultant


    Audrey Murray joined Cogent Legal in 2014. She brought over 19 years of experience in the legal field, both as a paralegal and consultant. Audrey focuses on building client relationships and help clients articulate and visualize their cases to create the most compelling graphics.

  • Eskady Haile
    Eskady Haile Senior Designer


    Eskady Haile began his career as an industrial designer and technologist. He excels at expressing strategic thinking, graphic visualization, and CAD modeling in sophisticated litigation demonstratives.

  • Matthew Ritter
    Matthew Ritter Senior Animator


    Matthew brings with him over 9 years of 3D production, and design expertise. Matthew’s thoughtful approach to design details are created using the highest levels of technology. With these techniques, he is able to achieve real-world accuracy.

Simply Put Quote Testimonial from Frank Pitre

Morgan Smith (Cogent Legal’s president and founder) has a real advantage over others in this field because he actually tried cases. He can make graphics not only effective with the audience, but also able to withstand objections and get admitted into evidence. Moreover, he can think tactically, and that is how he distinguishes himself.

— John B. Bates, Jr., JAMS/Endispute

Mike and the Cogent Team’s work was excellent – crisp, clean and well thought through.

— Daralyn Durie, Durie Tangri LLP

Morgan and his staff were instrumental in communicating and displaying our trial themes to the jury in a complicated 7 week trial that would have been boring without good demonstrative aids and exhibits. Not only did Cogent assist us in presenting information to the jury in a manner that made sense, Morgan also suggested numerous arguments that resonated. Having Cogent on our trial team surely contributed to our defense verdict!

— Christopher Beeman, Clapp Moroney

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