Adobe Shape: an iPhone App for Quick Vector Drawings

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A few weeks ago, I wrote in this blog about the importance of using vector graphics in litigation graphics. As that post, “Illustrate Digitally to Show the Details Clearly,” discussed, vector graphics allow you to expand and zoom in on details without pixelation and loss of clarity.

Today, I discovered a new iPhone app, Adobe Shape, which makes it very easy to create quick vector graphics. With this free app, you simply point your iPhone camera at an object (or choose a photo on your camera roll) and the app creates a vector graphic that you can then use in Adobe Illustrator or on other Adobe apps. I used the app to make this picture of my webinar microphone:

Adobe Shape - microphone drawing_Playing with Adobe Shape 698x400

The app is really easy to learn and use. I recorded the video below to show you how I created the headphone drawing at the top of this post:

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