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Why Animating an Internet Patent Can Help Your Case

play buttonGood animations can make difficult patent language and complicated patent diagrams come to life. An animation can make a bored judge or juror wake up, pay attention and engage with your argument.

For example, in defending a patent case, animating the simple and limited scope of what is actually described in the patents can be very important. Thus, an animation of the limited scope of what the inventor describes can be used to support arguments that the inventor did not invent anything worthy of a patent.  Similarly, the animation can highlight the difference between what the patent describes and the accused infringing product.

Below is a sample animation developed by Cogent Legal similar to one that was recently presented in a summary judgment hearing. In particular, the patents at issue described sending a facsimile, checking the fax number to identify the sender, and posting an image of the fax on a website.

The animation uses a simple style, emphasizing the simplicity of the patented “invention.” Such an animation is cut into scenes and controlled in court by the litigation team. This allows the animation to be tailored precisely to what the attorney wishes to emphasize, and also allows replaying sections should it be requested by the court.

For other examples of patent litigation animation and graphics, check out Morgan’s recent blog post Case In Point: How Animations Helped Attorneys in Patent Litigation, and be sure to look at our Interactive Guide to Patent Litigation Graphics. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how an animation can help your case presentation.

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