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Morgan Smith thrives at the juncture of law and art. A successful litigator for nearly two decades, he combined his love of the law with his passion for visual and digital arts, founding Cogent Legal in 2011. Now he helps other attorneys hone their strategies and translate their stories into compelling, creative, and cogent visuals for trial.

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Morgan has a real advantage over others in this field because he actually tried cases. He can make graphics not only effective with the audience, but also able to withstand objections and get admitted into evidence. Moreover, he can think tactically, and that is how he distinguishes himself.
John Bates

John B. Bates Jr.


John Bates

Can a well-crafted animation slideshow analysis mock trial change the verdict?

Emphasize the facts

You cannot choose your own facts. But you can choose how you visually explain your facts for a jury, in the most understandable way possible. Let Cogent Legal’s team create your next case presentation.

Retain attention

Visual content is ubiquitous today. Studies show roughly 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual—making it critical for a trial team to capitalize on imagery that will help drive their narrative.

Simplify the complex

Cogent Legal’s professional designers, lawyers, and consultants constantly collaborate with your team. We work closely with your firm and your experts to distill complex data and case information. No case is too small; no case is too complicated.

Test your case

Cogent Legal sets the standard for the modern, data-driven mock trial. We help identify those “problem jurors” who might undermine your hard work, as well as the powerful advocate jurors who will defend your case.

Test your jury

Preparing for jury selection can keep even the most seasoned trial lawyer up at night. Our team of lawyer-consultants works by your side during voir dire to help you pick jurors most favorable to your client.

Create a lasting impression

Information is absorbed and retained longer when paired with visuals. Providing a jury with both a visual explanation and a verbal one increases jurors’ ability to retain and understand that information.

America's top attorneys trust Cogent Legal.

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A strong visual can captivate a jury and hold their attention. Graphics are a persuasive tool to both highlight and explain facts in a convincing way.

Your prowess in the courtroom shouldn’t have to extend to IT. Our trial consultants collect and organize evidence and strategize on the best ways to present it.

Whether we are coordinating directly with your construction defect experts or helping to visualize complex structural details, Cogent’s precise and persuasive visuals will bring clarity to your case.

Can you relate?

Graphic designers aren't lawyers. This will be an uphill battle...

With a combined 75+ years of litigation experience, we are attorneys first, graphic designers second. Our illustrators work in tandem with your expert witnesses. Thus, if admissibility challenges should come into play, we will have preemptively thought through opposing arguments.

These complicated issues are going to bore the jury.

Every trial lawyer worries about a bored jury. Keeping your jury mentally engaged is essential to moving your case along. Throughout the trial, we will craft impactful visuals in support of your theories and your arguments to help ensure that your jury remains focused.

I'm not sure how to distill my argument into a simplified message.

No matter the subject of your case, our team is laser-focused on providing jurors with a clear path to verdict. To help your firm develop a well-crafted and simplified message, we also offer sophisticated services such as putting together a mock trial or focus group to provide additional data and clarity.

I'm not confident my exhibits will be admitted into evidence.

The Cogent Legal team’s understanding of case law and authority on admissibility can put most of these worries to rest. Our team is in constant collaboration with your experts to lay concrete foundations so that admissibility is a nonissue.

You've come to the right place.

It's no secret that going to trial is one of the most stressful and intimidating experiences that an attorney will face.

At Cogent Legal, we craft high-quality demonstrative graphics designed to help you explain your case. We have decades of combined experience in creating persuasive trial exhibits for use in openings, closings, and witness examinations. Cogent Legal also provides strategic case consulting and trial support. In myriad ways, our team helps attorneys prepare and present their cases for maximum results with minimum stress. We specialize in creating artful and persuasive graphics meant to complement the unique story of each particular case.

What is said is not always understood. That is reason alone to incorporate compelling visual concepts into your case narrative. We also provide counsel and strategic guidance in the areas of admissibility, design, tactics for presentation, interpreting legal issues, and other nuances. In addition to our design and consulting practice areas, we also offer in-court technology services, pretrial support, mock trials, and focus groups. We are able to handle cases of any size while offering a boutique, client-focused experience.

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Medical Exhibits

Our certified medical illustrators create anatomically accurate, admissible, and easy-to-understand exhibits that can be used for both discovery and trial.

Video Production

Day-in-the-life or settlement videos help to explain day-to-day life for a family or an injured person.

Our experienced attorneys use state-of-the-art technology to conduct mock trials that help you understand your case’s strengths and weaknesses.

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  Please note: Cogent Legal provides litigation consulting services to attorneys. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice on any matters.

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