If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animation may be worth a million.

Trial Tech

Display and control your evidence in trial.


Tips and commentary on graphics, technology and the law.

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“Morgan Smith (Cogent Legal’s president and founder) has a real advantage over others in this field because he actually tried cases. He can make graphics not only effective with the audience, but also able to withstand objections and get admitted into evidence. Moreover, he can think tactically, and that is how he distinguishes himself.”

— John B. Bates, Jr., JAMS/Endispute

“Mike and the Cogent Team’s work was excellent – crisp, clean and well thought through.”

— Daralyn Durie, Durie Tangri LLP

“Morgan and his staff were instrumental in communicating and displaying our trial themes to the jury in a complicated 7 week trial that would have been boring without good demonstrative aids and exhibits. Not only did Cogent assist us in presenting information to the jury in a manner that made sense, Morgan also suggested numerous arguments that resonated. Having Cogent on our trial team surely contributed to our defense verdict!”

— Christopher Beeman, Clapp Moroney

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