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Cameras, Cameras Everywhere: How to Leverage Surveillance Video and Data Into Your Case

Some sources estimate that as of 2009 there were over 30 million surveillance cameras in the United States recording over 4 billion hours of images per week — let alone the number of images/videos taken by a vast number of high-definition cameras, embedded within every modern-day smartphone!  I certainly have no idea if such estimates are accurate, yet I can […]
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How to Organize and Present 77,000 Construction Photos for Trial

77,000 photos!!! I admit to being shocked when the key expert on a recent construction defect case told us that over the last couple of years he and his staff had taken over 77,000 electronic photos of the scene. The photographic documentation started when the plaintiff identified defects in 8- to 9-year-old buildings.  The expert […]
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How to Get Google Earth Images Admitted for Litigation

Many attorneys rely on Google Earth as the primary source for finding visual information for specific locations, all over the world, involved in litigation (see my prior post discussing how to use Google Earth for images and obtaining archival images). However, when finding great images, or determining precise locations based on GPS coordinates, the next question is always: “How do I get […]
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Five Lessons Learned Going From Litigator to Visual Communication Specialist

People often ask why I stopped litigating cases and created a litigation graphics firm specializing in visual communication for attorneys in mediation and trial. The answer is simple: the work is creative, fun and very satisfying. There is no better feeling than taking a great deal of complex information from an attorney or expert and figuring out […]
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From “Attack of the Drones” to 3D Modeling for Litigation Graphics (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drone)

When you hear the word “drone,” it’s hard not to think about the unmanned attack drones flown from airbases and used to hunt down suspected terrorists. The term conjures up something close to the steely death machine of the Terminator seeking its prey. However, despite that reputation, drones are actually developing into an innocuous and […]
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