Morgan Smith (Cogent Legal’s president and founder) has a real advantage over others in this field because he actually tried cases. He can make graphics not only effective with the audience, but also able to withstand objections and get admitted into evidence. Moreover, he can think tactically, and that is how he distinguishes himself.”

— John B. Bates, Jr., JAMS/Endispute


Mike and the Cogent Team’s work was excellent – crisp, clean and well thought through.

— Daralyn Durie, Durie Tangri LLP


Morgan and his staff were instrumental in communicating and displaying our trial themes to the jury in a complicated 7 week trial that would have been boring without good demonstrative aids and exhibits. Not only did Cogent assist us in presenting information to the jury in a manner that made sense, Morgan also suggested numerous arguments that resonated. Having Cogent on our trial team surely contributed to our defense verdict!

— Christopher Beeman, Clapp Moroney


Your team was great! I am so impressed with the work product Cogent Legal creates. You are definitely a part of our litigation strategy going forward.

— John A. McGuinn, McGuinn, Hillsman & Palefsky

We hired Cogent Legal to create an animation for a multimillion-dollar case, and the firm made an exceptionally powerful presentation. As a former trial lawyer, Morgan is able to think about a case thematically, and translate it visually, to best present it to a jury.

— Philip L. Pillsbury Jr., founding partner, Pillsbury & Levinson LLP


Morgan came to our aid while in trial with a phenomenal rebuttal to an animation/simulation done by an accident reconstruction expert. He was able to take what the adverse expert was attempting to portray and show that it was deceptive and inaccurate. He did so with skill and creativity, and he did it amazingly fast. I give Cogent Legal my highest recommendation.

— Linda Ross, Law Offices of Linda Ross


I have known and worked on the same cases with Morgan Smith (Cogent Legal’s president and founder) for over eight years. He immediately stood out as an exceptional opposing counsel and far ahead of most plaintiff attorneys, with superb organizational skills, legal expertise, and the ability to document and illustrate his key points with exhibits. He’s a true master at visualizing important and complex information for each case.

— Dennis Halkides, Halkides, Morgan & Kelly

Morgan Smith of Cogent Legal is friendly, straight-up, and his critical analysis and input on cases is invaluable.

— Bryan Lamb, The Dolan Law Firm

Morgan was a fantastic law partner for over a decade. The best trials are the true art of presentation, and Morgan is an amazingly creative lawyer who could turn the most complicated issues into an easy-to-understand demonstrative exhibit. I wish I still had Morgan’s creativity on all of my cases, but we’re happy to use Cogent Legal for his services now.

— Robert Arns, The Arns Law Firm

Morgan, thanks for the excellent work on our bike case. It’s refreshing to work with highly competent people who charge fair rates. I also appreciated your strategic insights. I’ll be back!

— Anthony Label, attorney, The Veen Firm


Your animation was so very helpful, and I could not have been happier with the efficacy of the animation with the jury.

— Julie K. Parker, Law Office of Julie K. Parker

The artists and thinkers at Cogent Legal are superb. They have three essential qualities for the creation of excellent graphics in court: they are highly creative, detail-oriented, and you can absolutely depend on them to be completely prepared in court. When it comes to complex issues, they understand the importance of storylines, and they know how to educate decision-makers—juries and judges alike.

— Beth Bonora, senior trial consultant, Bonora Rountree LLC

You have done a stunningly wonderful job.

— Theresia Moser, Meyer Moser Lang LLP


Cogent Legal was particularly helpful in my defense of a product liability case with its rather technical defenses. Morgan Smith’s insights and suggestions helped to refine our demonstratives and exhibits, and simplified our message. The jury certainly heard that message, with its defense verdict after a 30-minute deliberation.

— Keith R. Gillette, Archer Norris


We brought in Cogent Legal to assist with a construction-related personal injury case which was headed for trial. Morgan quickly and easily grasped the various issues, and he even provided valuable additional insight regarding some key liability statutes. Soon after our initial meeting, Morgan and his design team produced a full set of quality graphics, including 2D diagrams and animated 3D models. The visual tools provided by Cogent Legal will make it so much easier to present our case to the jury. I highly recommend Cogent Legal to other litigators.

— Scott Bonzell, Law Offices of Scott A. Bonzell

Cogent Legal is run by an incredibly skilled lawyer. Other litigation graphics firms are helpful, but they don’t have the legal insights that Morgan has. I appreciate his quality of work and responsiveness, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Cogent Legal again.

— Joseph P. Brent, Fiol & Nolan LLP

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