Creative-Minded “Recovering Attorney” wanted as Executive Vice President/Partner for Litigation Graphics Firm (Seattle, Portland or Phoenix)

Are you an attorney with 10-15 years litigation experience looking through these litigation job listings hoping there is something more to life than another litigation job? Have you had a successful career, but are wanting better life balance, and not be trapped in depositions and motions for the rest of your life?  Do you have a strong, proven track record and entrepreneurial spirt, and willing to take a chance on building something to replace what you’d be leaving?

If so, you might be the right fit for what we’re looking for at Cogent Legal. We are a successful litigation graphics company located in the Bay Area and in Colorado, providing persuasive and strategic visual aids for litigation such as animations and illustrations, and we’re looking to expand into your market by opening a second office headed by a savvy litigator who understands the role of trial graphics and who can network in the legal community.

History:   Cogent Legal was founded in 2011 by Morgan C. Smith, a litigator for 17 years and a partner at the Arns Law Firm in San Francisco for 10 of those years.  The firm specializes in high-end plaintiff personal injury cases, and Morgan tried 17 cases to verdict. Morgan decided to give up the golden handcuffs of law practice, and he spent a year traveling around the world in 2009-10 while reassessing his career path.  Upon returning he created Cogent Legal, which grew from a start-up operation into a fast-expanding and profitable business. Cogent Legal’s customer base is 80% Bay Area and 20% everywhere else. Cogent has six employees and about the same amount of regular contractor workers, located in numerous different states.

Concept:  Morgan realized at an early stage that the legal businesses responds to personal connections in a way other business no longer do. The way to grow a business that caters to the legal field is through strong personal contacts and a great reputation for getting the job done no matter the deadline, just like trial work itself. Plus, a litigation graphics firm thrives when it’s managed by a seasoned attorney who understands and anticipates the needs of other trial lawyers. In order to grow into a new market, Cogent is looking for a local attorney in Seattle, Portland or Phoenix to open a new office, and to develop those personal ties with attorneys in the area.  The ultimate goal is to develop those existing ties into clients and sharing in the ownership of the office and share in the profit.

What Type of Attorney is Cogent Looking For: While Cogent Legal does graphic work for all types of cases, including business litigation, the core of our work involves personal injury and construction defect, where the re-creation of reality in a highly realistic fashion is necessary. We bring special and unique skills to that area, and we are looking for a current litigator who has many years of experience in either of those areas.

Here is the catch: We are also looking for a litigator with a visual eye, such as a love for photography, drawing, graphic design, architecture, painting or some visual art. Familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite and PowerPoint is a plus. This job is more than overseeing the work of others (although it would include that); it’s also being able to jump in and create as needed, or figure out how to make something work with what you have for the deadline. The creative aspect is what will make or break this position.

Additionally, any candidate needs a very strong entrepreneurial spirit.  While the arrangement involves an initial salary to get the project off the ground, that will transition to a percentage of the profit on work developed rather than salary.  This means any such candidate must be confident in their abilities to develop business, and be a good people person.

What You Get:  As a general rule, the work we do can be done anywhere, meaning that if you have internet and a phone connection you can do the work. For example, Morgan lives half the year in the Bay Area, and the other half in Telluride, CO. No longer are you stuck physically having to be in a deposition, motion, trial or office.  Your creative energy that has taken a back seat in your legal career gets to come to the forefront of what you do.  You will still be involved closely to the legal issues you dealt with for years, but now you’ll be a “second set of eyes” helping other attorneys figure out how to show their case. The work will initially be supported by the existing staff of Cogent, who are experts in this field and will make you look good from Day One. Most importantly, you don’t have to wake up each morning wondering how you are going to keep doing litigation work for the rest of your life!

If you think you might be that person who wants to transition from litigating attorney to a “recovering attorney,” and you meet the other requirements, please send us an email explaining, preferably with some visual aspect included, why you are that person.

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